Your home is a safe haven and the place where most people will spend at least 1/3 of the day. When there is a disruption in this safe haven that requires residential water damage restoration, such as a flood from a natural disaster like a storm or an accidental from uncontrolled water flow inside, you may feel exasperated, wondering where to turn to. Water Damage Miami can help you with the clean-up, drying, and restoration of your home during an emergency disaster such as this one. When there is a flood on your residential property, time is of the essence. Drying should begin as soon as possible. We can arrive to your home located in the Miami area in a timely manner to prevent any further damage.When a flood occurs, the process of reversing its damage is often more than just drying the water. Even a visually dry home could still retain moisture and mold growth. Returning a home to its pre-flood state requires the use of several pieces of equipment designed to detect water, moisture, and mold, as well as remove these particles from the ground and air. Water Damage Miami has a wide range of tools and equipment to clean up, dry, and restore a home to its previous condition after a flood. These include those for detection of water and moisture, extraction of water, equipment to move air through the home to assist in drying, dehumidifiers, and deodorizers.


Residential Water Damage Assessment

When we come to your residential property to assess damage, there are a variety of points we will hit to ensure every part of the home has been inspected. This is done for both residential and commercial properties. We will first identify the source of the overflowing water, if it has come from within the home. If it has not already been stopped, we will terminate it. The next step is to determine what type of water has flooded the property, whether it’d be clean, gray, or black water. The type of water found may warrant additional treatments. For example, extensive black water may mean higher chances of microbes that have been swept in from the ground outside, meaning extra precautions must be taken during the sanitization process. A complete inventory of damage to the home is taken, noting every rotted or otherwise damaged structure. Mold and mold growth is identified, both with tools designed to detect them as well as a general intake of the air to detect the distinctive odor of the organism. We will then perform water extraction in the home. Extra attention will be paid to the floor area, assessing both the carpet and the floor beneath it. You can relax in knowing you won’t have to move any furniture or other items unless you want. We will do that and return them to their original place when the job is completed.

Cleanup after Restoration

The “cleanup” after restoration can be our job as well. We can remove items you no longer need or that are too damaged for you to keep. We will of course remove refuse/rubbish and other waste materials. Finally, we will take steps to ensure the air in your home is fresh and clean for you to breathe. We have several options for deodorizing. Many of our treatments also include disinfecting and applying anti-microbial treatments, which can be power steps in eliminating unpleasant smells.

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