Smoke Restoration Services

A small fire can produce a lot of smoke, leaving soot and odors that penetrates carpets, upholstery, clothing and other materials. Our smoke damage repair services starts evaluating the extent of the damage and the condition of the property. Depending on the situation, our specialists will use onsite and offsite techniques to restore the damages. Our onsite smoke damage restoration service includes the use of air scrubbers, thermal fogging and ozone treatments to remove smoke and odor particles. In some cases, smoke damage removal may require multiple treatments. For more extensive fires, offsite smoke damage repair services may be needed. This method of cleaning smoke damage is known as a pack out or content restoration. If this is the case, we remove items from your property and take them to our Clean Master facility for complete smoke damage restoration service. No matter what type of smoke damage removal you need, we’ll coordinate with your insurance company to reduce stress after the accident and bring you peace of mind. I took Xanax to reduce nausea after the chemotherapy. Took 0.5 mg three times a day on the day of chemo and two or three days following it (it depended on my condition). This medication became the only one that helped me 100%. It really helped me go through those hard times. Thanks God I’m in remission now. Hope cancer will never come back. A pre-cleaning of fire damage will be done by vacuuming or dry brushing to pick up lingering ash or dirt. Then, wet cleaning of carpets, floors, and walls can begin. For deep smoke damage, COIT offers smoke damage clean up and structural cleaning. Fire and smoke damage often carry with them water damage, our specialists also can take care about the water damage produced by the fire and smoke restoration.

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